Normalizing and managing anxiety with four major lessons

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Anxiety has been a part of my life since puberty. It almost felt like constant thoughts of confusion, frustration, and worry hit me all at once back then. I had periods where I felt a loss of control over my thoughts and feelings. I felt panicked, immobile, tired, and stressed. Things just always seemed worse than what they actually were. Now as an adult, those feelings flow in like waves, ranging in extremity. I usually still, everyday, hear the background chatter of thoughts and fears of worst case scenarios.

I used to think if I could just get rid of…

A tale of hurting, learning, and committing to the ongoing process that is healing

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2016 was the year that pushed me into total chaos. For me, it was the year where everything seemed to either purge or destroy, even though, to the outside world, I seemed to have everything built up safely around me. To everyone else: I was starting a great career and I was moving to a new “dream” location, Sydney, Australia. I should have felt safe, happy, and overjoyed. Instead, I felt so much confusion, pain, grief, and lots of insecurities.

The Uncomfortable:

Starting my first real job out…

How my time in Tulum, Mexico triggered me into practising gratitude daily and becoming a better healer.

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I used to think in order to get more from life, it took a lot of work, determination, and grit. And that was it. I didn’t consider that stopping to take a second to be grateful for what is, brought positivity towards me. I didn’t think accepting and surrendering to my reality did me any good but made me complacent. And, I just thought the road to success was all about the amount of effort one puts into the journey.

Until I got to Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum was a…

Identifying some of the inequality perpetuated in the industry and how to fix it.

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In the last month we have seen a barrage of articles, comments, and critiques on the Rachel Hollis’s 4 April post. She is an “ inspirational” speaker in the wellness space, who built a million dollar life-style brand; and authored a book “Girl, Wash Your Face”. She uses her brand to teach women to garnish the power within to change their external lives.

Her video on 4 April was a response to someone calling her out for having privilege. …

A letter to the President from one disappointed Black American college educated voter

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At this past Tuesday’s townhall, President Joe Biden discussed his policies and plans for a number of pressing issues that he inherited. He took questions from the Milwaukee, WI audience on: racial justice, COVID response, white supremacy, and the student loan debt crisis. For the most part, I supported his empathetic answers to some hard hitting questions across all subjects; particularly his views regarding racial inequality. I appreciated his affirmation and acknowledgement that there is racial disparity in our country, that seeps far beyond the justice system. He said that he thought, given the social climate, now was the time…

The active journey to release complacency and complicity to self harm

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If I had one thing to say about the last five years, and the various spiritual awakenings that I have endured, the various panic attacks, and moments where I have given up. If I were to talk about the moments I bowed out of reality, and asked God to take me away from this “horrid place”, called Earth. If I were to sum up the pain, the realisations of past traumas, how people I held near and dear, did nothing but look me in the face, to hurt me…

Tips for helping founders communicate their brand content to their customers in both markets.


Creating engaging content in a foreign language is one thing as a content creator, especially when you are not native to that language. But, recreating content in your own language, whilst trying to engage with a market culture different to its original, is another. This can be particularly challenging when you are creating content for cultures that speak and relate to their customer base, almost like opposites. For clarity, I am speaking about creating content from French, into English, to be appealing and comprehensible to markets that reach beyond the Municipality of France and other French States’ borders, particularly to…

Applying relationship building tools to help early stage startups create and maintain their brand identity

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Relationships can be a challenge to maintain because they take constant work. It takes time to build trust, value, and devotion. It takes time to truly get to know the other party to where you can almost anticipate what their needs, wants, and desires are. Even then, when you think you know someone, they may surprise you, or they may change and evolve. The same thinking can be applied to building your brand identity. Building a brand takes constant work, especially when you are trying to align your values, mission, and purpose to potential customers’. This can be a complex…

How adopting this concept can create better entrepreneurs

The spirituality, or soul embodiment, of self-compassion is a concept that I am currently trying to grapple with. Particularly, I want to work on cultivating more of it, in order to develop more compassion in my writing for others, as I embark further on this journey of entrepreneurship. After all, being an entrepreneur is, “being an agent for change.” (Russell S. Sobel) It is a person who creates innovative solutions, takes financial and professional risks, to fulfil a lack in the market. And, there is no better way to do that, unless one has an understanding and somewhat emotional connection…

It’s about time for a spiritual awakening

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The startup space has seemingly been a place where the impossible becomes possible. It is a place seen to drive change, shift paradigms, create innovation, and opportunities to reflect a better tomorrow.

“There is an energy and a soul in a startup….There is something that inspires people to contribute their talent, money, and enthusiasm and fosters a sense of deep connection and mutual purpose.” Ranjay Gulati Harvard Business Review 2019.

That is exactly why I decided to enter the startup space this year. I wanted a space where I could integrate my spiritual awareness. Particularly, my acknowledgement that we have…

Thoughtful Thorough

Alternative holistic healer, Writer for wellness brands, Podcast host. Creating spiritually aware, human focused content with a focus on diversity & inclusion.

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